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Dreams & Visions

Jacob & Sons
Unity within Diversity

May 20-June 19, 2014
Mandel JCC
Cleveland, OH USA
part of Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab

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Untitled (Calendar)
43 minute video record of the dates and times of seven years of menstruation and sexual contact
collaboration with Joseph Connelly as Gordon & Gordon Art

Record keeping is a central aspect of the process of infertility treatment. There is a disconnect which occurs in which you end up discussing intimacies with total strangers. This video is a day by day record of menstruation and sexual contact over 7 years of attempting to conceive a baby.

Below is a short excerpts of the full video. The full video is available in 43 minutes, 22 minute, 11 minute, 6 minute, and 3 minute versions. Each version gives a different impression of the experience. The video is available for shows, festivals and distribution.


Meet the Sheep

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