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Dreams & Visions

Jacob & Sons
Unity within Diversity

May 20-June 19, 2014
Mandel JCC
Cleveland, OH USA
part of Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab

to the Sea in Ships E-mail

To the Sea in Ships
temporary installation
Ruach Yam (Sea Breeze) Festival and artist colony
Bat Yam, Israel, July 2011
collaboration with Joseph Connelly as Gordon & Gordon Art

We spent the week of July 17th at the Sea Breeze artist colony on the beach in Bat Yam, Israel. It was the first of it's kind in the country. We made a fleet of 100 boats with cardboard and paper-mache.  The piece culminated in an opening at the beach in which the boats were placed around the beach.  The next day we made another temporary installation for the boats - placing them in a space approximately 8x2 meters with 'waves' that we created by mounding the sand.



Meet the Sheep

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